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  • Has crystallized honey gone bad?
    No, crystallized honey, “sugared” honey, or honey in a more solid state is not bad. In fact, it means that the honey is raw and unpasteurized! Eventually, all honey that is raw will develop crystals. If you would like your honey to be runny again, you can simply warm it up low and slow, to remove the crystals and return it to a more liquid-state. Hop over to our blog post and learn more!
  • Do I need to keep my honey in the refrigerator?
    No, honey does not need to be refrigerated. It is perfectly safe to keep at room temperature in an air-tight container. It is shelf stable.
  • Where is Royal Honey from?
    Royal Honey Company is based out of and operates out of the Royal City area in Washington State. The bees pollinate all over Washington, and some also travel to California to help pollinate the almond trees there.
  • Is Royal Honey only available certain times of the year?
    We extract honey during certain times throughout the year, however our honey is available for purchase year-round.
  • Do you add anything to your honey?
    All of our honey is pure, raw, and unfiltered, with nothing added; except for our flavor-infused honey, which has only our flavoring infused into the honey. We never add corn syrup or any other additives to our honey.
  • How do you source your honey?
    All of our honey is sourced from our own bees! We do not use honey from any other beekeepers or sources.
  • Is your honey raw or pasteurized?
    Our honey is raw and never pasteurized!
  • Can I come take a tour of Royal Honey Company?
    If you are interested in coming to take a tour of Royal Honey Company, please feel free to contact us! We have done tours and field trips and we love educating others about bees and honey! Please keep in mind that tours will depend on our availability and the time of year it is. Email or head over to our Contact page. We can't wait to meet you!
  • Do you remove bee swarms in your local area?
    We currently do not remove wild swarms of bees at this time.
  • Why is the price of shipping so high?
    We mail out your honey orders directly from our headquarters located in the rural slopes of Central Washington. Due to our location, the weight of honey, and the fact our product is considered "perishable," the price of shipping can be expensive. But oh so worth it!
  • Can I make a pick up order?
    Yes! When you check out, select the "local meetup" option in the shipping drop down menu. Your final order form will give more details on where the meetup location is and how to schedule it! Please email for more details on pickup orders.
  • Where do I find out more about hosting and what it is?
    Please see our page "HOST A HIVE" to learn more about what it is and if your land is a viable candidate.
  • Will I need to be involved in taking care of the bees?
    Only if you want to! We will check on the bees every 7-10 days to ensure they are happy and healthy! There is no need for you to be involved in the care of the hives. However, you are more than welcome to ask questions and check out the process!
  • Am I too far away to be eligible?
    Since our crew is based in central Washington state, we try to keep all yards on the Eastern side of Washington. If you believe your bee yard is out of our range, contact us anyways and we will see if there are apiarists near you!
  • My neighbor has bees. Is there a problem with intermingling beehives?
    Great question! We do try to keep our bee yards 2 miles apart to eliminate competition of resources. However, one or two hives near a yard location should not cause concerns. Contact us with more information and we will decide together!
  • There are a lot of wild animals near me, is that a problem when hosting hives?
    We have had experiences with bears and other animals getting into our hives and eating honey. If wild animals are a concern in your area, we will build a fence with solar charged electric wire to prevent any snacking animals!
  • I live in a city. Is there a way I can still host hives?
    Depending on the property size and location, hosting a hive may still be an option! We do avoid areas with pools close by or frequent foot traffic. Contact us so we can discuss the potential spot together!
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