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a lot of bee hives in a feild with a smoker


Are you interested in having more honeybees in your backyard? Host a yard of honeybee hives from us. We would love to bring more honeybees to your area and would do so free of charge! 


Why should I host a hive?

Hosting honeybees is a great way to help save bee populations. Many bees are dying due to pesticides, diseases, and poor nutrition. By hosting honeybees you can be part of the solution in saving our beloved bees. 


Honeybees do so much for us! They play a vital role in our agricultural production which helps bring food to our tables. Honeybees also produce honey, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, propolis, and venom. These products are used in cosmetics, candles, medicines, nutrition and so much more. Hosting honeybee hives would give you the chance to contribute to all our honeybees have to offer. And as a bonus for helping U.S. agriculture, you could receive an agricultural tax credit. 

What does hosting entail?

Here’s what our bees need from you! A yard of bees would need approximately a 30X30 foot area with plenty of sunshine and a source of water. Our beekeepers need truck and forklift access to help care for our busy bees. We would leave these hives there from the end of spring to the beginning of fall. Once the bees are there you can just sit back, and watch natures busiest workers do their job!

Anything in it for me?

Here’s what you get in return! As a thank you for hosting honeybee hives, we will give you a gift basket with a variety of raw, unfiltered honey straight from our hives! Not to mention the benefits of having pollinators in your yard and garden! Hooked yet?

How can I apply?

We would love to speak with you more about hosting hives and if we could be a successful partnership. Please contact us via e-mail at or fill out your information down below!​​

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