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Royal Honey Stocking Stuffers!

With December rapidly approaching, it is never too early to think about your stocking stuffers this year! With all the options out there, consider shopping our Royal Honey Company products!

For the Foodie in the Family:

Shop our Royal Creamed Honey Gift Sets! These gift sets feature all three flavors of our creamed honey - lemon, raspberry, and classic. Choose a size of 6 oz or 12 oz jars and treat your family foodie with a sweet and tangy treat! Warning: they may not want to share any samples!

For the Avid Baker:

Order a quart of our Classic Honey! This large jar of honey will be a staple in your baker's pantry! If you don't know already, honey is a great alternative to sugar or corn syrup! Try it out in your next caramel or scotcheroos recipe!

For the Health Nut:

A squeeze bottle of our classic honey will be perfect for the health nut you know - whether they love nutrition, exercise, or both! These squeeze bottles are perfect for the smoothie lover who just needs a little drizzle! They are great for the gym devotee who wants a natural pre-workout! Grab a bottle for the fan of the natural health benefits that accompany raw honey! It's a best seller for reason!

For the Decorator:

Shop our new 100% Beeswax Taper Candles! These candles are elegant, clean, and perfect for the one in the family that loves the finer details of their home! These candles come in multiple sizes and fit into most candle holders! They burn beautifully, give off a sweet smell, and create a warm light that can't be mimicked!

For the Skincare Lover:

Head over to and order a Tallow and Colostrum Soap Bar featuring our Royal Honey as one of the ingredients! This locally sourced soap bar has all the ingredients needed for a clean and moisturizing wash! Perfect for body, face, and baby!

For the Hard-To-Gift:

New to our list of products is a Royal Honey eGift Card! With an option to choose your own amount and a spot to write a personalized message, this eGift Card is great for the friend or family member that you just don't know what to get! Simply hover over the SHOP tab and click on the GIFT CARD option!

Visit our shop to find the next stocking stuffer that will leave your family and friends smiling! What else are you putting in your Christmas stockings?


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