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10 Uses for Royal Honey Sticks

Our Classic Honey Sticks are officially in our shop! With each stick holding just a teaspoon of honey you may be wondering why someone would buy a pack of our honey sticks. Here are 10 uses for our honey sticks that you might not have thought of!

1. Quick drink sweetener!

Add a stick or two of our honey to your hot tea, lemonade, or more for a hit of sweetness! Just cut one end and use the stick to stir!

2. Car snacks!

Store your honey sticks in your car for a quick treat while on the go! Perfect for road trips or just day-to-day errands! And fairly mess free, even for kids!

3. On-the-go pre-workout!

Slip some honey sticks into your gym bag for a nutritious pre-workout that is easy to pack! 3 of our honey sticks is equivalent to a Tablespoon of honey - a perfect amount to boost your energy!

4. Allergy treatment!

Eat a honey stick once or twice a day to boost your immunity to pollen! Prepare for the pollen in the air by ingesting micro amounts of pollen in our local, raw honey that will help build your immunity!

5. Add to pizza!

Ever have a drizzle of honey on your favorite slice of pizza? It is a must try- especially if you choose a spicier pizza!

6. Add to your first aid kit!

Honey can act as a great treatment for minor burns and cuts! Just clean the area, apply the honey directly, and bandage securely. Replace honey and bandage daily or as needed!

7. Sooth a cough or sore throat!

Enjoy a honey stick while sick and notice an eased sore throat or cough! It is nature's cough drop!

8. Perfect pick me up!

The ideal size and delivery for when you just want something sweet and easy!

9. Ensure a good night's sleep!

If you experience bouts of insomnia, try simply eating a honey stick with a sprinkle of salt before bed!

10. Give as a gift!

Buy a pack for a friend or split up the pack and give individual straws! Small, cute, and affordable gifts for party favors, invitations, and more!

Whatever the reason, you will love our honey sticks! Order a pack of 10 or a pack of 100 today and discover new ways to enjoy our honey sticks!

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