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Honey Extraction Through Pictures

The process of extracting honey is interesting! Behind every jar of honey is a process that requires time and care. Follow us along extracting honey with pictures!

beekeeper by hives

Supers are the shorter boxes placed on hives. Supers are meant to be filled with honey. When we gather our full supers, we shake, smoke, and brush as many bees as we can out of the box. These boxes can be heavy - each box can hold up to 30 pounds of honey!

hive tool on frames

After gathering all our supers, we prepare for extraction. The first step of extraction is loading the extracting machine with frames.

box of bee frames getting ready to extract

After loosening the frames with our hive tools, the frames start their journey on a conveyor belt that feeds them into our uncapper.

extracting machine uncapping bee frames

When honeycomb is full of honey, the bees cover the honey with a thin layer of wax to keep it safe. Our uncapping machine has scrapers that move back and forth to remove this wax and allow the honey to flow freely.

bee frames being sent down a conveyor belt

Each frame is checked along the conveyor belt to make sure they are all uncapped, and any broken frames can be removed immediately.

bee frames lined up in the honey extractor machine

The frames are lined up at the end of the conveyor belt and are now ready to be loaded. Our machine is built to do many hives at one time, but there are smaller machines that do fewer.

a full honey extracting machine with the hood up

The arms on the machine are controlled by one of our crew members who feeds the full frames into the machine, pushing the previously spun frames out. The hood of the extractor will be closed and the spinning will begin. As the machine spins the secured frames extremely quickly, centrifugal force is utilized as the honey is spun out of each frame. The honey flows to the bottom where a trough collects it to later be pumped to a large barrel.

frames that are now empty of honey waiting to be reboxed

The now empty frames are placed back into their boxes and will eventually top more hives to be filled with honey again.

honey pouring out of a spout

After being pumped through a spinner that spins out any extra wax or large particles, the honey is ready to eat!

honey being bottled

Our honey is then bottled and packaged! Ready to be sent to your door! Each step is done with great care and reverence for the bees that created this liquid gold. We pride ourselves in getting pure, unfiltered, raw honey from our hives to your homes. Shop Royal Honey!


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